Can you keep using Windows XP?

I blogged about the end of support of Windows Vista the other day.
Speaking of Windows XP is an OS that has finished supporting in 2014, but since I thought that there was no way to keep using it somehow, I thought about some methods.
If you write the conclusion earlier, you should change the PC or the OS rather than using the OS that has lost security support, but since I think that some users will continue to use XP by the convenience of software etc, write it in advance I will.

It is basic not to connect to the Internet and not to connect USB memory.
However, since it still does not fulfill the meaning of the personal computer, we will respond as follows.

Minimal things to do when using Windows XP

I am doing this, so it’s not okay, but let’s definitely install the update.
If you are not using SP3 (service pack 3), uninstall java or adobe software if you do not use it.
Also, browsers should not use IE (Internet Explorer).
A little while ago there was Google Chrome, even Chrome has become out of support so let’s use the latest version of browser such as firefox.

Stop USB automatic execution

You can tell if you are using Windows 7 or later computer, but it will not be executed automatically even if you connect USB memory.
SP recognizes USB and automatically executes it, so even with a malicious program there is a danger of running it so we will invalidate it.

This site
will be helpful.

Using antivirus software
As a matter of course we will install antivirus software that is compatible with XP.
You should not overconcern this, but I am still more secure to put in it than I do not do anything.

Make the update program available for continued use

By updating the registry it seems that you can receive the update program until 2019.
(I have not already verified it because I do not possess XP already.)
However, since it is a way to forcefully apply updaters originally targeting embedded OS for corporate use, it is obviously an operation outside the guarantee handling.
I do not know if this operation is permitted within the license.
Although it looks like gray within the range of self-responsibility.

By the way, on Vista and later computers, the part which can edit files directly is restricted, and the basic is to save data to the user’s folder such as desktop or Maid Cum.
(Changes to important parts of the system are not permitted and files can not be saved)
On the other hand, XP can save and edit freely whatever it is directly under C drive.
I thought that if I could restrict this by changing the registry I could think that I could use it a bit securely, but unfortunately I could not find the method.

What do you use XP for in the first place?

Depending on how you use it is not necessary to stick to Windows XP.
You can continue to use the computer comfortably by changing to the OS of Linux that I write several times in my blog.
There are many things to remember certainly with installation and settings, but even if you change to Windows 7 or 10, this will occur a little.
You can also choose to use both Linux and Windows if you leave the OS of XP without erasing it.

If you are browsing the Internet or using Excel or Word for a while, Linux does not have to worry about the same software.
However, some printers and external wireless receivers can not be used in some models, so let’s check in advance.