How did the iPhone 10 evolve?

The announcement of the new iPhone last time was to announce simultaneous announcement of iPhone 8 and iPhone 10, simultaneous announcement of two versions which are unprecedented in the past.
Work pattern I have used both iPhone 8 and iPhone 10, but the iPhone 8 is the impression that it is a purely evolved version of the iPhone ever.
Of course, it is needless to say that the operability is improved more than the conventional setting such as lock screen setting and authentication function.
Although it is one iPhone 10, as you know it is quite different from the shape of a conventional iPhone.
First there is no home button.
Speaking of the home button is the only physical button for the iPhone.
I think that it is one reason why iPhone users like the iPhone because it is almost complete with this one button, by returning to the top screen and task skill by pressing this button.
Though I have been using Android for many years, three buttons, Home button, Back button, and Menu button are still familiar, but from the iPhone user it is said that they do not understand the meaning of the existence of these three buttons There is something to be said.

Home button on iPhone 10

There is not a home button on iPhone 10 which has talked a bit.
Then, what to do when returning to the home screen, you can return to the home screen to rub the bottom of the screen from the bottom of the screen to the top.
Also, it seems like you can move multitasking diagonally from below as well.
Moreover, it is different about how to see the screen from above.
Speaking of the iPhone, the radio icon icon clock icon and the battery icon are arranged on the upper side.
I myself used to this line of notification icons and had a very fashionable impression, but in the case of iPhone 10 the center part of the top is a microphone.
For this reason, the portion of the conventional watch that was the icon is facing towards the top left of the screen, the radio relation is on the top right.
Compared to the icons that were placed in the center in a well-balanced manner, is it only me that I feel a little uncomfortable?
I have made a custom ROM of Xperia So – 01B before, but the status bar at the top of the screen has clocked in the center.
It felt it was a beautiful notification bar when I saw the iPhone, so I bother reproduced it on Android.
(Originally Android the clock is displayed on the right side of the screen.)
Just because there is such a feeling I feel a sense of incongruity in the notification bar of this time iPhone10.

iPhone 10 that has evolved differently

Of course, the operating system installed on iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 is not changed at all on iOS, but my impression is that it is becoming a different smart phone evolved in terms of operability and so on.
If you are familiar with the traditional iPhone, I think that a purely evolved version like iPhone 8 is easier to use.
Next time I think that it will be the announcement of iPhone 8S or iPhone9, but I would like to keep a close eye on what smartphone will be released at that time.
I think that it will probably be a jockey that sums the shape like a conventional iPhone.
Apple is also unusual for iPhone10 seems not to be as good as you think it is.
Personally, it is regrettable that the mouse will not move as ever.
This is also true for iPad.
Even though there are things of a shape like a large screen smart phone so-called Fabret, as usual it is not possible to operate the mouse with only software such as a keyboard that can be operated with Bluetooth as usual .
In order to operate with a PC sense, the mouse is an indispensable existence, and it is impossible to say that it is impossible to realize PC level operability by tapping the temporary screen.
Apple probably thinks buying a Mac if you are doing such a computer-like operation.
I do not think it will be realized in the future.
So that’s why “I am Xperia”