About Android tablet market

Talking about the tablet a little while ago it was two choices, Android or iPad.

However, I think that the market has changed completely with the advent of the Windows tablet.
As for the iPad, it still seems to be popular as there is a brand relationship, but I think that Android tablet seems to be getting less visible even at home electronics mass merchants a lot.
Certainly Windows tablet has the OS installed in Windows sometimes, it is possible to realize exactly the same operability and contents as the PC you have been using.
Compatibility with printers is, of course, intact, so you can use postcards printed matter as it is.

Android tablet’s strength

But is there no merit of Android tablet?
There is not such a thing and depending on how to use it thinks that there is still merit for android.
The Android tablet is basically good at seeing.
Android is good at browsing work such as image browsing, movie browsing, web surfing.
Moreover, it can be called merit as compared with the Windows laptop computer as soon as to the movement such as startup and reboot.

Weak items of Android tablet

It is a good Android tablet for watching but not as good as it is about making it.

For example, it is not impossible to create a spreadsheet table using office software or create a document.

However, because it is something that can not be done to the last, if you make complicated things, you still have to say that Windows laptops and tablets are missing.
It seems to be ok to keep with recognition that it can create work as a plus alpha as a support function specialized for viewing again.
As another merit, you can get it at a cheaper price than other Windows and iPads in price.

Therefore, if you decide to use it to some extent and buy a 10-inch Android tablet, I think that it is not a good option.
If you are assuming that the main PC is connected to the Internet, you can remotely connect from the Android tablet on the go and use the tablet as a highly mobile computer instead.
I do not quite like the personal computer, but depending on how to use Android tablet there are quite a few advantages.