About Gmail security

Google mail service Gmail is very useful.
However, since security is protected by a combination of a mail address and a password, if you are using Gmail as the main, there is a danger of logging in just by decrypting the password.
Setting the two-step authentication reduces the risk of logging in to a third party, but still thoughtfully, I thought about countermeasures.

I have written about two-step authentication on my blog before and refer to it.

Let’s use Gmail more securely

This time I would like to explain about how to strengthen the security aspect a little while using Gmail’s system I thought about.
Send and receive address is set separately from the mail address which is used for building login email address etc.
In my case, I use a mail from another provider different from Gmail, and sending mail from that account will not e-mail address which is one of Gmail’s login passwords.
For me, Gmail’s address is only used when logging in and it’s rare for me to go outside.
By automatically forwarding all the mails delivered to the provider mail to Gmail, it is possible to receive the benefits of Gmail’s convenient function such as tagging and virus protection as it is.

When there is no PC mail address

In my case, because I had a PC mail address, I used that address on Gmail, but it is possible to do the same thing by getting a Gmail account dedicated to sending.
It is sometimes necessary to keep in mind that sending and receiving Gmail account dedicated to sending and receiving may not receive mail due to some circumstances.
For example, if it is judged to be a virus, it will be automatically sorted into a junk mail folder, but if it is processed like this it is impossible to judge on the Gmail screen of the transfer destination.
For this reason, Gmail account dedicated to sending and receiving must be configured to forward all mail unconditionally.
You can deal with it by setting not to treat all mails including @ mark in the filter setting as spam mails.

It is a digression

As a little aside, I am not using what is called a carrier mail of a mobile phone.
It has been around seven years to use Gmail as the focus, but there are not any special problems at the moment.
Because we often contact with acquaintance at LINE, in this case it is no longer necessary with the mail address.
However, there are cases in which the other party uses only carrier mails and spam filters will be applied.
This is handled as spam mail without exception regarding Gmail if it is set to treat all PC mails as junk mail in the spam filter setting of career mail.
Gmail with useful features, but this point may be a difficult point to use with the main email.
I think that it is considerably increasing those who have acquired Gmail accounts due to the spread of smartphones so I would like you to review this junk e-mail filter once.