ISO file for free upgrade of Windows 10

I upgraded my laptop computer to Windows 10 in the online environment before, but since I used tethering of smartphone at this time I decided to use so many data communications.
In a hurry I switched to wi-fi and managed to get through without anything, but as a result I was going to do quite a lot of data communication.

I tried thinking about how to upgrade by making less use of reflections and reducing data communication.
I also bought a 2 in 1 style tablet type laptop computer, but the OS is famous Windows 8.1 in Japan.
I think that it is easier to use by upgrading from Windows 8 to 8.1, and what is difficult to use is hard to use.
So I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible.

Evolution to Windows 10

However, trying to upgrade will spew mysterious errors in an online environment.
It is troublesome to examine, so get ISO file.
I decide to upgrade in an offline environment after downloading.
Well this is an ISO file, but you can download it from the page of Microsoft which we introduced the other day.
However, as a precaution, basically, online upgrade is recommended when browsing with Windows 7 or later OS.
There is also the choice to download once to the ISO file, but my PC does not work so well so I decided to download it with my XP computer.
It seems to recognize the operating system of the personal computer. Since you can not do online upgrade from the beginning on XP computer, there is no choice but to download ISO file.
Now that the download is complete, move the data to the Windows 8 tablet and perform an offline upgrade.

By the way, if you have only Windows 7 or later computers, let’s convert the OS to Android etc with browser user agent etc.
You should be able to easily move to the page to download ISO files.
Obviously browsing from a smartphone or iPad will result in the same result.

Windows 10 のダウンロード

This is when you access the site on a PC of Windows 7 or later.
It is a site that encourages online upgrade.

On the other hand, this is accessed from a computer other than the upgrade target.
It is possible to download ISO from the beginning.

Upgrade to Windows 10 in an offline environment

The advantage of upgrading in an offline environment is that there is no need for data communication.
Once you keep the ISO file once, it is not difficult to upgrade to multiple computers at once.
By the way, I switched 2in1 PC to Windows10, but when I was 8.1 it became comfortable like a lie.
It is extremely easy to use and satisfied as a tablet as well as a personal computer.
If it is a personal computer after 7, it seems that you can upgrade without problems but compatibility with PC is checked
Do not do it so let me check well in advance.
By the way By the way I am a 2in1 notebook computer I bought, but with a tablet alone, I can save 32GB of data storage capacity, a keyboard part and a large capacity of over 500GB can be stored.
But tablet alone has storage capacity of only 32 GB as written earlier, so there is no problem to operate with Windows 10 alone, but there is something a bit tougher when you insert Linux.
Originally I wanted to use it in a dual boot environment, apparently it is the best to run Windows 10, there seems to be no storage capacity enough to put in Linux.
I’d like to use Linux’s light movement and robust security aspects by all means, but now I have only this 2 in 1 tablet laptop.
It is going to be mainly using this Windows 10 so for the time being because it will be troubled if it fails at once.
However, this Windows 10 is rather easy to use than rumors, and it seems to be able to use without feeling particularly dissatisfied except for the part that is automatically updated.
(Although automatic updating was disabled and unnecessary services were also sealed up in the end)
By the way, if you upgrade to Windows 10 from 7 or later computer, the system of the previous OS is saved as it is.
Although it is used to restore, since it uses more than preservation, if the storage capacity of the original personal computer is small, delete the data of the old OS properly after the upgrade to properly use the storage capacity You can do it.
You can delete data from the system cleanup screen.
If you do not feel like going back, try it.