About the difference between ChromeOS and Android

Do you know ChromeOS?
ChromeOS is the name of OS (Operation System), as the name is, though it is the same in that Google is making it different from the Internet browser Google Chrome.
Although it looks like a so-called laptop computer, its appearance is basically developed on the premise that it will be used under the Internet environment, and data creation on Google Chrome, creation of an edited document of a spreadsheet, etc. Of course you will be doing Internet browsing and other work.
(It is called a so-called Chrome book, is not it?)
Meanwhile, the OS that Google is also making is Android, which has been developed mainly around smart phones and tablet terminals, and sometimes I saw laptop type of android occasionally if it was a long ago.

Difference between Chrome and Android

Although these two OSs, what exactly is different?
At first glance it seems that work efficiency is higher if you consolidate either.
Google also seems to think about such things in the future and there is a move to make compatibility such as developing on Android applications on Chrome OS.
I think whether the difference between Chrome OS and Android is whether it can be used in an offline environment or not.
Chrome OS has some applications that can be used in offline environments, but most of them are based on the premise that they are used in the online environment, and the created data is saved in the cloud.
One Android is being developed as a mobile OS, it is possible to use communication tools such as telephone and e-mail and general application.
Also, if you can do with Android OS it is very rich in what you can run even in an offline environment once you download the application, I think that it is a difference from Chrome OS that there are lots of usage options.

You can also install it on second-hand PC

Well this is Chrome OS and Android, but actually you can install it yourself on a laptop like a normal Windows installed.
You can install it on your laptop by installing Chrome OS as open source version of Chromium OS and Android as Androidx 86 or Remix OS.

Chromium is an open source version of Chrome, and a browser called Chromium exists for Google Chrome as a browser.
(There are many things that are installed as standard on Linux.)
Much of what Chromium OS can do is basically the same as Chrome OS.
Actually it is slightly different, but I think that it is good to recognize the difference in icons.
On the other hand, Android x86 is an Android developed for personal computers, and many applications for Android can be used in PC environments such as laptop computers.
Although it may be hard to use about an application making a screen tap as a prerequisite for games. For browsing and office software etc, operability may be improved rather.
If you enter Debian no root, you can also virtually use the two OSes virtually.
Depending on how it is used, it may be possible to use it as one of playback options as a light and power-saving PC.
For example, on computers of a long time ago, Linux is basically installed and reused on computers such as Windows XP and Vista, but installing and using Android or Chromium OS may be one way Right.

Chrome OS and the future of Android

Well, the original concept is different on this Chrome OS and Android, but from the perspective of development it is my opinion that it seems better to have one ‘s midfield power.
Actually, different teams are developing the respective OSs on Google.
Rather than making applications compatible, it is better to develop it as an OS in the first place and switch the layout etc. according to the environment, the development speed will further accelerate.
In other words, if you want to use it as a central OS for mobile like usual, and if you want to use it as a layout for a laptop etc. change the screen layout and use it as a notebook style layout like Chrome OS or Remix OS That’s it.
In terms of market size Android is more popular than Chrome OS, so there is a question of how to make Android have the functionality of a cloud-centric Chrome book, but it looks like an Android app I think that it will be solved if you have a function close to Chrome OS.
I do not know what direction Google will steer the next time, but probably will you think about in a direction to concentrate?