Try using 2in1’s Windows Tablet PC

I bought a 2in 1 style tablet PC equipped with Windows 10.
Wherever I was planning to purchase if my computer was broken before, I was selling at reasonable prices and I bought impulses.
It is a notebook computer & tablet with Windows 10.

Laptop computer and tablet’s good point picker

By separating from the keyboard part, to the tablet.
By attaching it to the keyboard it can be used as a purpose of the laptop computer.
Even if you remove the keyboard, you can choose whether to turn tablet mode arbitrarily, so you can use it with exactly the same screen layout as a laptop table alone.
It’s sometimes referred to as Windows 10, because the OS it contains is the PC itself So it’s possible to fully use Office, general apps, free software and so on.
It is natural, but it is pretty comfortable because we do not devise to use as an alternative to Windows like Android or iOS.

< h 2> operability of 2in1 style

It’s the movement face where I worried, but it’s quite crisply.
There aren’t also a lot of memories like a memory to there by the model of the 2GB, it doesn’t stop at all.
But, it doesn’t have a large preservation capacity to there and is the preservation capacity of the 64GB, but when using my black SD card and USB memory well, it would be possible to cover it sufficiently.
It’s quite light compared with a laptop computer of 13 inches and 15 inches I usually use that it was tried out and it was felt indeed.
The screen size is 10 inches and the size is also small, so carrying is natural but dramatically easy, so it can also be carried around comfortably in the location left a little in during movement or the family as well as on the desk.

It’s important to say lightness as a mobile end as expected.
When using it by the business use, it may soon be Android and the one by which not iPad, but the ones as Windows10 is the very good choices now.
When the battery durability is said to be a tablet and often also charges it once, they seem able to use during going out surely.
The Android tablet is often less expensive like the price, so I seem to hope that you choose by what to use it for.

By the way it’ll be used at a main end, and it was bought, when a house is surveyed, it’s in the states full of PCs of 3 laptop computers and tablet 1 of 2in1.
Anyhow when it wouldn’t sell, this 2in1 is exhibited in Meru potash, and a tablet of this 2in1 style has disappeared already.
Said, I’m going to regret impurity sell a little using an ordinary laptop computer again now.
Soon, during, I’d like to consider whether a different tablet is bought again.