Audio input on Windows tablet

Recently I am pleased that the precision of voice input by smartphone is high, but I tried using it for testing because I can input voice on Windows 2in1 tablet.
If the performance is high, you do not need to input voice on the smartphone, you may be able to create text by directly inputting voice in Windows.
It is no longer necessary to transfer text data from a smartphone to a computer.
So I decided to try using it a little test.

Accuracy of Windows voice input

Voice input on Windows Basically speaking, voice input on the Windows tablet does not change.
In my computer, the item for audio input was displayed at the top of the screen, so I just activate it and speak it.
For example, if you have a word function, you can input it as it is, but I feel that the quality is quite different compared to voice input on smartphones.
Although it recognizes me for a while and converts Kanji as it is, I have an impression that it is a bit inferior compared to the height of the level of voice input on Android smartphones.
As another method, it seems that it is possible to input voice by word in Google’s online storage service, but it is somewhat awkward due to the limited online environment, so it will continue to be a voice input screen on Android smartphone in the future That’s right.

Google made voice input

Android voice input Android voice input basically uses Google services.
Again, online service is sometimes called Google made by a high level, the level of character conversion is also very high, I feel that conversion accuracy is maintained at a fair level even if speaking quite quickly.
When it is used for blogging, it is necessary to convert the data and take it to Windows after talking with the smartphone, but still it is easier to write blog writing than using while correcting misspellings with Windows conversion precision That’s right.
Perhaps I think that it is possible to increase the precision by enriching conversion candidates such as conversion of speech to Windows, but even in that state it is still inferior to Android smartphones that have high conversion efficiency I can not help being saying that.
Recently I’ve used audio input mostly in blogging, so inputting with the keyboard has become quite few.
Compared to spinning inputs one by one desperately it is possible to enter a large amount of letters by talking a little bit if it is voice input.
It is one of the advantages that you can write more quickly when you come up with something.