About office paperless

I do not want to have hair at home not only at the office but also at home.
Originally, “hair” of hair was displayed when voice input was done.
Even if the hair is large, I do not dislike it at all, I want to say paper of paper.
There are quite a lot of documents such as postal items and delivery slips or documents such as catalogs that come in paper.
In this time I would like to think a little about how to solve it.

Make paper into data

It is the easiest way to digitize the sending method that you are hairing.
I think that this is the easiest thing about what is sent by mail.
If you do not need to delete it if you do not need it if it is an e-mail, there is no scatter on the desk.
On the other hand, there are things that need to come to a certain extent on a document basis, such as catalogs, but there is also no need to keep this on paper all the time.
Depending on the situation, you can read the scanner or the like and digitize it to make the desk clearer.
Since there are tablets and smartphones recently, it will not be particularly troublesome if you try to browse PDF.
(Of course there are times when paper catalogs are more convenient, such as when looking by multiple names.)

About computerization of FAX

Although it is not something to worry about at home, it is quite a lot of documents that you receive by fax when you are working.
It is not a mountain if dusts are piled up, but is there anything about faxing?
Although I wrote it on a blog before, there is also an Internet fax recently.
It is a thing saying that the FAX that arrives by paper originally is digitized and sent by e – mail, which costs monthly but it is convenient and convenient.

Another way is to receive faxes with data using a personal computer.
Since it is necessary to always put the personal computer in the state with the power turned on here, it will be necessary to consult with the environment etc. of the office to some extent.
However, conventional fax numbers can be used, and there is nothing to occur as fixed monthly fee.
Of course it costs electric bills.
By the way it is quite useful to be able to receive faxes by e-mail, so even in situations like checking faxes in a hurry on the go, you can easily check with smartphones or tablets .
In other words, if you have one smartphone you can respond to work in an environment that is not different from the office so it will be quite useful.

Make self cookbook

By the way, what I want to challenge lately is a self-catered book.
A lot of magazines and comics sleep like a mountain in my parents house.
Sometimes I go back to my parents home and read sometimes, but I basically do not read it just by taking a place.
As the room becomes scattered, I think that if the temperature gets warmer a little, I visit my parents house and throw it away.
However, some magazines have attached attachments, so I think if you have time to read them with a scanner little by little and digitize them.
If you leave it in PDF, it is easy to move data and there is nothing else to take place.
Even if you save it to USB memory at most it is that size.
It would be cheap if you think that you can leave your memories alone.
However, it seems that it will take quite a bit of labor to load it with the key scanner, so it seems difficult to realize if the work has stabilized a little more.
Also, actually reading with a scanner and reading a book may be tough on the screen with smartphones as well.
In such a case tablets would be better suited for some sizes such as 7 inches.
It may be like a phonebook called iPhone 6 Plus.
My smartphone is about 5 inches at most, so it may be difficult to read a self-catered book as well.
It may be good to try the tablet sleeping in the drawer for self-catering book again.
The legendary Dopara tablet is also near the resurrection day.