Convenient memo application Keep in Google

A large number of application exists in Google.
That I thought I begin to use it, and it’s quite convenient and felt recently, Google, made of of the one as a memo application and Keep.

This application can use a tummy instead of a note pad basically, and classification can be divided among simmering a tag respectively easily and it’s possible to stick a picture as well as a text.
Making them start instead of a note pad, and when thinking of, when inputting, it’s said that it’s possible to check the PC and the smart phone in detail later by the common environment, and it’s somewhat quite convenient instead of a memo.
Being to be steady and being the future and when confirming the tag separation, it’s possible to judge by time series, so the person who preserves it may be more convenient for keeping in many ways than he plasters a desk with a memo.
When there even is a Google account, it’s possible to use everyone.
But, unfortunately that a basis becomes the preservation form as the text + picture can’t preserve it about PDF and a Excel file, and is a little regrettable place, isn’t it?
That behavior of application is put in this keeping for now it itself is also early and when saying “I’d like to take notes of something for now.”, the future, it becomes easy to see, and maybe it becomes convenient.