Linux that will increase with rapid momentum

In recent years Linux has been growing with horrible momentum.
Windows was overwhelmingly in the share of the OS of the PC originally, while Apple’s Mac and Linux existed in a very small proportion, in recent years Linux’s momentum has been growing tremendously.
For those who thought “here?”, Linux for desktops such as ubuntu and debian are increasing
It is not.
Although it may be that some people have switched to Linux with the end of support of Windows XP, it seems that it has not changed so rapidly and I think that many people had moved to Windows 7 and Windows 10.
Some may use XP as it is.

In the mobile world the share of Linux is very high.

So, what is increasing about Linux is Android OS as you know.
Android is used as the main OS for smartphones and tablets OS is one of Linux OS.
Linux applications such as LibreOffice can not be used as they are, but the basic part of the kernel is customized for Linux.
Is not it an example that you can see that Linux is actually used widely, such as embedded OS?
By the way, Android is the overwhelming share as a mobile OS, and iOS that is used for iPhone, iPad, and others.
The rest are Windows Mobile and Firefox OS.
In this way, since Android’s main kernel is Linux, it is possible to run debian virtually and use Ubuntu.
I think that it is a very interesting structure.

If you acquire Root permission, you can also run various Linux OS, but since there is a risk of destroying the terminal itself, let’s stop it if there is no technology to recover.
On some Nexus 7 and Nexus based terminals, it was possible to use the OS of Ubuntu by swapping the OS itself, but unfortunately it seems that development has been discontinued recently.

Although I wanted to be able to use it with Linux switching such as android and ubuntu it seems to be difficult to realize.
I also wrote it in the last blog but I’d like you to realize somehow about switching between Android and RemixOS.

On the relationship between Android and iOS

Well, although it is iOS and Mac, this is actually a little related to Linux as well.
iOS is based on OS called UNIX.
This UNIX is a base that can be said to be the base of Linux.
Is it said to be related to relatives?
It is relatively straightforward that iOS and Linux are structurally somewhat similar.
Although it is not the most compatible with applications, it is said that the basic parts of the original OS are similar.

Desktop sharing is overwhelmingly Windows deserted, but Linux is active in various fields such as mobile and embedded OS.
Linux OS may be free and it may be one of the background that it is easy to use in various scenes.
Linux will continue to increase dramatically in the form of a mobile OS called Android in the future