About Google voice input

Although it is speech input which I have rarely used so far, I have decided to try it this time.
Since it can be entered in a relatively short time, it seems to be able to make blogs in quite a short time compared with keyboard
Moreover, even if I speak quite quickly, I will recognize it and letter conversion is accurate.
Although it seems necessary to check the letters, it is quite convenient to require input work.

On the problem of voice input

However, while using it I got a couple of problems.
Originally I am not very strong a throat so if you are talking for a long time such as a phone, throat gets painful.
Therefore, I often use e-mail rather than telephone at work, but my sore throat hurts when I use it with my voice input in order.
In addition, it seems that this voice input can not operate in the other offline environment.
It seems to be a bit of a problem for me who uses off-line for a long time to use the battery.
Well as it is a good story to go online only when inputting speech, it is not a big problem.
In any case, I would like to continue to make this blog using this voice input as the main.
Shoulder stiffness may be a bit easier as well.
And I appreciate Google’s tremendous technical strength which made this voice input.
I hope that technology will continue to improve in the future

What’s worrisome

Another thing I was concerned about is that if you can input this voice on a personal computer, input work will be pretty fast.
On the job, I am using Windows, and there are quite a lot of mail contact work.
I thought that, even if the surroundings are talking with speech input it is no enemy with that.
It may be peaceful for mental health to work by using the keyboard and mouse as much as you can work in the office.