Building of the mobile PC environment most suitable for a going out destination

I suffer from building of the mobile PC environment when working at a going out destination recently, a little.
When it was before, a tablet and smart phone were being carried around, to have a tablet as well as that starts to carry 2 of smart phone for work around for for work and individual, and is quite troublesome, as if, I’m thinking.
Only 2 of smart phone is carried around at present, and only when being necessary, input is working by a keyboard of Bluetooth.
But it’s small as expected like a screen, isn’t it?
I think I also want a tablet, but to carry a machine around any more on the one hand, it’s heavy and is the reason which says that worry of a battery is troublesome and worries.

the for which Mr. Xperia is used as a small PC

So Mr. Xperia considered one uses at present.
Image quality of a camera is also one you like well. Indeed, Sony (so, for me, Xperia)
And the way to attach a keyboard and a mouse quickly by a USB connection.
Even Bluetooth is a good one, but it becomes a little expensive and after all I don’t have a mouse of Bluetooth.
It’s said that a connection becomes unstable, and it’ll be made a radio connection in USB.
Even this is the reason of which a problem comes out like the screen size as expected freely, but you seem to settle it for now about input and the operability.
When it’s smart phone of the fab let which is about about 6 inches when it’s original, it’ll be no problem, but it’ll be the size which is the very limit in plenty to say whether you enter a pocket this time when it’s being so.
Either way it’s good or bad, isn’t it?
It’s also troublesome in a face of a charge for now to carry various machines around, so I’d like to correspond while utilizing smart phone somehow.
A cellular phone of holdings is 1, it’ll be the case that even a Android tablet is considering whether it’s Windows10 tablet without worrying when going out.

the one which has to work to where at a going out destination or

At a going out destination, to where, I work or because it may be quite important.
When needing one in case of me with mail confirmation of receipt, an answer works.
Edit reading work of an easy file is basic work at a going out destination in the back.
Large-volume data editing can’t be done by a short time during etc. free time in a going out destination, so the difficult function is a reason which isn’t necessary basically to there.

When it’ll be, I’m also thinking Windows tablet isn’t also necessary and cheap tablet or smart phone of Android is enough.
When it’s before, a keyboard is the reason indispensable mostly, but I depend on almost all voice input about character input recently.
This blog, it itself is also a voice input about 80 percent.
I also thought it was the early one to some degree input by a keyboard, it’s inferior in a face of the speed overwhelmingly compared with