I want to use Linux tablet!


If you have a tablet you think that it is one time to think.
I wonder if I can use this large screen instead of a PC.
I do not have ipad, but Android has patronized for many years.
Although it is convenient for surfing on the Internet and browsing the image with a large screen and quite memory, there are inconveniences inevitable compared with a personal computer by all means.

It is certainly possible to realize operability like a PC by connecting the mouse and keyboard to the tablet.
Even if it is easy contents such as text center creation it is okay even then it is OK, but working on “making something out of scratch” such as editing images and spreadsheets is quite tough on Android.
(It is impossible not to be able to do it if impossible)

So what I thought is that you only need to install Linux on your Android tablet.
Since it can be an emulator, if you can run ubuntu, for example, you can use rich applications of Linux and UI for desktop.
The range of work that can be done with tablet increases at once! That’s why I thought.

I am not good at being surrounded by a lot of machines and want to make it as simple as possible.
(Android itself is also a kind of Linux, but it is so different that it is omitted)

1 Install Linux on Android!

When I looked it out, I found some methods.
It ranges from simple things to simple things and things.

1 Install ubuntu on Nexus
2 Using debian no root
3 Using the Complete Linux Installer
4 (using exception Remote Desktop)
There are other things, but I think that it is the major that this neighborhood.

2 Install ubuntu on Nexus

A ROM to clean install ubuntu for Nexus 7 Nexus 10 was developed.
It seems to be installed with the capacity of custom ROM, but my favorite is the original Dospara tablet which became legend in a sense.
Nexus ROM can not be used.
It seems that operability is still heavy. Commercial use may be difficult.

Use debian no root

It is possible to install it if there is some performance.
It is a god application that enables you to use debian just by installing the application from Google play.
I’ve introduced you in this blog before, but if you want to easily realize the Linux environment it would be this application.
But the first Dostab is not such a user friendly user.
As a matter of course this application could not be installed.

3 Using the Complete Linux Installer

This application is actually used while shedding blood tears.
Actually, this application itself is only an installer role, and we will use some other applications, but it is possible to build a Linux environment within Andorid.
Android does not disappear, it is moving at the same time.
It is a way of operating GUI on VNC connection to Linux running in the background.
I could actually use office type software, and I was able to feel the possibility of Android.
(Unfortunately I erased the environment with my mistake on my terminal)
The desktop environment used Lxde.

4 (Exception Using Remote Desktop)

This will deviate from the original purpose of aggregating machines, but it may be the easiest.
Connect from the tablet to the main PC you normally use and operate it remotely.
Of course it is possible to fully utilize the function of the connected PC.

Linux tablet also sold?

Overseas, it seems that tablets with Linux are also being sold from the beginning.
I have never seen it in Japan, but if it is a high quality product, it may grow into a product that becomes 2 choices with the Windows tablet in the future.
We look forward to the future